We are in the 2022 AI Song Contest Finale

Together with some colleagues from the Donders Institute AI department and singer-songwriter Maya Shanti, we participated in the 2022 AI Song Contest. This is an annual competition where teams co-create music with the help of artificial intelligence. The methods people can use are only limited by their imagination. We experimented with different ways to create lyrics, sounds, and drum patterns with GPT-3 and Magenta Studio VST. Additionally, we developed a computer vision system that we call “The Conductor” to track our hand gestures in order to influence the musical parameters in Ableton Live. After several months of work under the team name “Wavy Weights and Bassy Biases” we submitted the song “Upfall“.

Out of dozens of competing teams, we got invited to participate in the final event in Liege, Belgium. This event was part of the AI & Creation Day at the Music & Innovation Summit hosted by Wallifornia MusicTech in Liège, Belgium. It was an exciting day full of workshops and presentations showing off bleeding-edge technology for music creation. At the end of the day after a public vote and a jury decision, we ended up in 8th place! While it wasn’t quite enough for the podium, it was a great pleasure to work with so many fantastic and creative people and I am excited to see what this project will grow into in the future.



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